Libretro has come to Windows 10

Play your favorite retro games on your PC, Phone and Xbox One

A better way to play retro games

RetriX is the first Libretro front end that is optimized for multiple input methods: gamepad, mouse + keyboard and touch are all first class citizens. RetriX is also built from the ground up to take advantage of Windows 10's gaming and security features.

One app. Many consoles

Over 13 game systems supported - including NES, SNES, Mega Drive, Game Boy, GBA, DS and PlayStation - with more to come.



RetriX is a fully universal app with a scalable UI supporting PCs, Phones, Tablets and Xbox using Mouse/Keyboard, gamepad and touch.


Libretro based

RetriX uses native Libretro cores for maximum emulation performance.


Save states

RetriX supports save states: record and restore your game progress at any time!


Free and libre

RetriX is free to use and open source. No spying, no annoying ads like most "free" apps where *you* are the product. Don't like something? The code is on Github: you can change it!



RetriX is fully sandboxed and requires no permissions. It only opens files you select, installs and uninstalls cleanly and does not send data to the internet